Presentation Feedback


My idea for a final project was to create a series of 3 or 4 illustrations of mythical or fantasy creatures. The idea was to build on my love of drawing realistic animals by finding a chimera (combination) animal with the traits of many different animals rolled into one to keep it interesting. I plan to use possible origins of the myth and influences from nature to make creatures appear as if they have evolved and could exist naturally.

As I researched I became more and more interested in the links between different classical fantasy creatures and their extraordinary origins in either animals or metaphors. This bogged down my presentation somewhat, as I lost focus on what my project ultimately is and got lost in the mythology. I felt I failed to communicate my idea properly and it became clear that the project needed refining and planning before I could begin.

The panel had several suggestions for improvements;

  1. Focus on 1 or 2 beasts : work on making the models and textured as detailed as possible by focusing on a few models. Multiple illustrations can still be made from the one model
  2. Look into lesser known folklore for inspiration : well known Greek legendary creatures are overdone, with multiple well known adaptions and redesigns. I could look into local folklore tails for lesser known creatures
  3. Focus on creature designs  : while I had planned to CAT rig the models for multiple poses, I should focus on making the creature design and execution as believable as possible
  4. Make a detailed timetable : Breakdown into a day by day map of the project requirements, including the hours required to complete tasks

Before moving forward I will create the timetable mapping the next 3 months, including time for a possible relocation to Canada and working with SpinVFX. Then I shall finalise my search for mythical creatures and start sketching


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