Health Improvement – Live Brief


The class was given a briefing by representatives of the Health Department, who were looking for an app to replace their current inefficient Step4Health challenge.

The Current System

Currently Health Department employees sign up for a 4 week challenge to walk 10,000 steps per day. Sign up sheets are required to set up teams, and employees receive pedometers for the duration of the challenge. Teams or individuals who compete the 10,000 steps a day for 4 weeks challenge win a prize. The program also hoped to encourage healthy eating, such as 5 fruit and veg a day.

The Problems

  • Cutbacks within the Health Department threaten the feasibility of the program. Currently employees are required to run the sign ups, organise the teams and tally the results. This won’t be necessary with an app.
  • Currently 100 staff take part, each one requiring a pedometer. The average person loses or breaks their first pedometer, which is expensive and labour intensive in the long run.
  • Printing the promotional booklets and leaflets is expensive and wasteful in the long term. Many are thrown away, causing street litter

Key Features

Several possible features that could be included were discussed in the meeting;

  • built in Pedometer/ Accelerometer
  • capacity to measure steps and calories burned
  • measuring pace and speed
  • including motivational messages or reminders to drink water
  • marking milestones
  • a leaderboard – to track the progress to others
  • information about exercise and healthy recipes
  • links to social media – message boards
  • a way to include all users, not just Health Trust staff
  • links to music on the phone/ spotify etc
  • inclusion of maps and route planners
  • entering postcodes to show health centres in the area
  • a motivational and vibrant feel
  • reminder function to encourage regular activity
  • a simple way of collecting and submitting the number of steps taken
  • an easy way to create teams
  • a personal profile for each person – tracking their progress
  • a way to switch between cycling, walking and running


As a class we split into groups and tried to lay out a hierarchy for the information required in the app.


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