‘The Energy Factory’ – First Draft


First Draft

First complete draft of the entire Krebs cycle, with Glycolysis at the beginning. I attempted to find shapes and a purpose for all the elements of the cycle, and to arrange it in a way that works. I also made some attempt to arrange the energy output along the bottom of the page and waste products along the top to make sense of the over-complicated process.

conveyor sketches3As far as I know the sketch is fairly accurate to the scientific diagrams when it comes to input and output, though I still need to work on the details of the icons that represent chemicals and enzymes, and to tighten the final layout.

Generally the idea went down well when I presented the idea for critique, though some feedback was given which could help.

  • When I asked about the role of FAD and its similarity to NAD (in the diagram represented by forklifts) I was advised to keep it simple, not getting into those kind of minor differences, which would complicate it further. Instead I will use the same form as the NAD (transport) and change the colour to indicate the difference
  • Carbon Dioxide could be represented by a gas canister as a way to emphasize that this is Carbon Dioxide in gas  rather then liquid form. This will prevent unnecessary confusion and help immediate recognition.
  • Adding QR codes at key points in the info-graphic, which could be scanned to give more detailed information for people that want to learn more.
  • Add people to the factory as enzymes that move the boxes, or chemicals around. As many enzyme names are too long to fit on their backs I could use initials, which are also more memorable. I could even colour code this, with different grades or effects of enzymes like in star trek.



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