Live Brief


For our Graphic Design live brief, we met with two women working with Health community development, who were interested in developing a way for people local to Derry to quickly and easily find out about health checks and other health services in and around Derry.

This could take the form of either an app or website, to be used both by health workers within the industry and for people searching on their own. The idea is to make the design simple and user-friendly, too encourage people to seek help for health issues – even if they are unable or unwilling to see a GP.

Before I began to look at possible design for an app or website, I decided to look at other websites that use search criteria and a map, too how they handle text size, search bar placement and other fiddly details. I found that websites such as Google maps of property websites have a nice easy-to-read interface

During my search I found a website that seems similar in style and intention as the Health-care app, but on a much larger scale, and with limited search results in the UK, making it useless for Irish patients.

I love the simple, clean layout of the page, making it easily accessible to people with all levels of computer literacy. The page has just the basic information – simple, easy to understand categories and selections. The main colour scheme is clean and hygienic looking, with orange used rarely as an accent.

The style of showing selections both on the map and in list form underneath is also one I was already considering, as this gives two different options for viewers. Some people may find the list option easier to read from and understand.


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