The Gromit Unleashed Auction


imagesAfter 10 weeks on a public art trail in Bristol, our Gromit Unleashed sculptures designed by famous artists, designers and celebrities, and prominent local artists, went to auction on Thursday 3rd October 2013.

Gromit Unleashed was a public art exhibition by Aardman Animation in which 80 fiberglass statues of Gromit the dog were painted and displayed around Bristol, before being auctioned for Charity. On 3 October 2013 the statues were auctioned off and raised £2,357,000 for Bristol Children’s Hospital.

The statues were designed to be an instantly recognizable pose and expression for Gromit, and the amount of them made and posed together means they make good reference for a 3D model. There were even blueprints available at the time for schoolchildren to design a Gromit – perfect model sheets. Unfortunately I was unable to find any exact dimensions for the original clay model, which would be ideal.



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