Organic Character Modelling


In many of my character designs, I find myself gravitating toward animal design. I find animals easier to design than people for several reasons – more visible joints and less chance for uncanny valley are especially useful in animation. To avoid comparison with the original character I also wanted to avoid 3D characters, as I cannot compete with professionals and anything I do would be rubbish in comparison.

However, I felt that I might get away with claymation characters such like Wallace and Gromit, as they often look creepy when computer rendered, and it would be an interesting but simple project. In the end I decided to model Gromit, my favourite silent character. Gromit has a single brow and no mouth,  resulting in a simple but highly expressive face. This presents a perfect opportunity for working on expressions and facial animation.


I would like to add some roughness back into the medel, taking away the fake, CG sheen. I will base my model on the ‘Close Shave’ – ‘Wrong Trousers’ Gromit, as his face was much rougher and skinnier in their first short, ‘A Grand Day Out’, and it looks odd in retrospect.


Oh no – what did they do?!


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