Modelling and Animation


During the modelling process I saved quick renders, to test how the whole thing was looking. A lesson learned from last semester when half my polys turned out inside out – an amateur mistake

As I was already behind in my abilities from my long gap between first and second year, and problems with 3DSMax last semester, I really took this brief personally as a challenge to myself – t0 make a full model, something that looks ok and that I can finally be pleased to have made

I found the linking of the legs themselves to be simple enough, adding dummies on the joints and following a horse run cycle to get the smooth movement of the legs


While my cogs were not made in the proper way – with the teeth being too close together – I did manage to link them together, though the illusion breaks down with too much scrutiny. The horse it meant to appear to be powered by the steam engine moving crank shafts, which turns gears, pumping the shoulder and hip pistons to move the legs.


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