Shooting script


As we were planning on using a flat with tenants for filming, and we has limited time working together because of my bus timetable, the shooting script has to be organized quickly to make filming more efficient.

However, while I was visualizing the shots and drawing the storyboard, I had the wrong layout in mind, based on my own flat in the student village. This didn’t cause too many problem with shooting as the flat have only minor differences, but the lighting was poorer in the bedroom than expected.

In case the desk had to moved into the kitchen for better lighting, I split the bedroom scenes into bedroom and desk specifically.

Shooting Script

Because my partner and I live so far away from each other, we decided to split our work, with me in charge of pre-production and passing over my plans to her for post. For this reason I tried to keep my numbering of shots and descriptions as clear as possible to avoid mis-translations. I kept the numbering in line with the storyboard to help with cross-referencing and the final order of shots



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