Early Short Film Ideas


When coming with some kind of an idea for a short film, I hit a hurdle right away. My ideal film would be something relating to politics and the psychology of propaganda and advertising, but that would be far to big a topic to cover, while everyday tasks such as walking the dog lacked depth or a purpose.

One topic that I felt had some potential however was procrastination. I myself am bad at time management and needlessly wasting time on nothing, and this is a major problem for students in particular – balancing freedom with responsibility.

The article that initially sparked my interest focused on the evolutionary and biological theories for why people procrastinate – mainly linked with our instinct for instant gratification and inability to properly measure time, making next week seem impossibly far away and warping our priorities. While I love this approach, I had trouble thinking of a visual way of telling the story – facts just aren’t that interesting, and that kind of angle probably won’t appeal to many people. What would they do with that information?


Plus the best way of telling it has already been done;

Instead, I felt that the best way of telling an ‘informative entertaining’ story about procrastination from my perspective, and to fit with the brief of a pleasant task – would be to simply show a day in the life of a student as they struggle with trying to do work and being distracted in pointless ways.

To help me focus an idea I like to find its purpose, so I tried to think of why a film about a student getting distracted should be worth anyone attention;

This kind of scenario could go 2 ways

  1. a kind of ‘procrastinator anonymous’ you are not alone psa
  2. a ‘be aware’ approach

                                    – showing the silliness of the things that waste our time and how prcrastination really looks from the outside, potentially helping people recognize and guard against it




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