Script Writing – first ideas


During a class workshop on script writing, we brainstormed possible themes and plots for a short film.

Having just finished working on a robot for 3D character design, my mind went straight to small, cute robots, and we based our scenario around this.

Script-writing workshop

We liked the idea of a cute, unfinished robot who embarks on a quest to fix himself using odd parts and rubbish that he finds on the street. The image of a ‘disabled’ character, with the odds stacked against him, unwanted and alone picking himself up and making his own destiny has a nice ring to it, especially with the added moral about society’s junk having meaning in the right hands.

However, we had trouble coming up with a climax for the story – a satisfactory conclusion to the robot having fixed himself. We had several ideas;

– the robot fixing himself, only to reach his lowest point. He is saved by someone who sees his worth – perhaps a child

– the robot sets out to find his creator – possibly an old man who has spent years making him

          – he could help him somehow – perhaps a reveal about what the robot was intended to do

I also had trouble with a moral to the story – a reason for it to exist. I like the style of the debenams christmas ads, a strong character in a silent film, finishing with some kind of heart warming twist, or a message to leave you with. I just cannot think of a suitable one in this case. ‘Small gestures making a bid difference?’ or just a simple story of giving something back and looking out for the ones that you love

When thinking of filming my immediate thought for the tone would be a Gorillaz-style live action animation composite, the robot being created with simple, cut-out stop motion or rough hand drawn animation. I could use low-angle footage of the streets of Derry, capturing the grit and grime of being so low to ground. This could work in terms of social hierarchy too – the pitiful robot walking around broken, but being ignored by the wider world – homeless dog style



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