Corporate Identity early designs


For my final design for corporate identity of the pub and tea room, I didn’t want to stray too far from the original design, to allow locals and recurring tourists to instantly recognize the pub.

I experimented with different ways of using the scenic location in the design, but I felt that in the end it overshadowed the logo itself and the pub, which is the main draw of the place, even over the music.

Corporate Identity ideas

in my designs I wanted to incorporate the images of the tea and the music in with the logo, as in the original design they don’t blend together well.

I even considered using the Lily flower in my design, as the name is very unique. However, this could be a little too feminine and off-putting to older men if flowers are the main focus of the design. Whenever I see flowers as the main part of a design I automatically think of hair salons.

One theme that I noticed early on way the repeating circle patterns of the top view of a table, with the pint glass and tea cup resembling each other.


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