Sensory Cushion Final Design


memories a3Sensory Cushion final design

The final Design for the Captivating Memories brief. The cushion was designed to be used by adults as well as babies. The shape of the hand is molded to the shape of a human body, with the thumb there for the feeling of hugging someone, and the little finger positioned to hug the person back. For babies, the end of the finger can be wrapped around, clipping onto the thumb using a stud for efficiency. This creates the perfect cradle shape, with the baby supported by the sides of the hand. The fingers curve up on a slight incline, making it comfortable to sleep on without hurting the neck, and helping to sooth babied with colic and other respiratory problems.

Inspired by the many variations of LED cushions on the market, and the beneficial soothing qualities of this kind of soft, shifting light on infants, I decided to include it as a feature of the design. LEDs inside the cushion are powered by a small removable battery pack, and they help to set a relaxed, contemplative mood, perfect for the recreation of memories of youth


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