3D screenshots


After more than 2 years without touching 3DSMax, it was a sleep learning curve getting up to date with the new versions and remembering how to use the vast amount of settings and options available. I love designing characters, and recent games like Skyrim have given me a new appreciation for well designed 3D models, so I was looking forward to seeing what I could do.

Unfortunately, a series of major computer problems at the start of the semester really slowed down my progress, and it was more than a month before I was able to get everything working smoothly again. The programs that worked fine the last 2 years ago when I was working on 3D have been updated, and I had continuous problems getting 3DSMax to run on my outdated 2007 computer.

This constant stop and start where the program would run fine for a week and then not the next meant that I didn’t have as much time on my model as I would have liked, though I did manage to learn alot – mostly from mistakes.

I found that once I started to familiarize myself with the program I got very absorbed in the process, and there’s something satisfying about seeing it take shape. The work was – I was constantly messing something up and having to return to an earlier point, and trying to keep the polygons 4 sided became a conceptual nightmare, so more preparation is definitely needed next time. But I enjoyed it, and it’s not as daunting as it seems.

I hit a stumbling block it the outer casing of VeePees though. Being so used to Photoshop, I slipped into habits that are possible there, but that cannot be used on 3DSMax, and that also cost me time.

3d renderBeing that the computer had problems running the program, I rarely tested the render so as not to waste time. However, this meant that I didn’t realize my biggest problem until it was too late to be fixed. cutting and pasting sections of the head and body to help me keep their general shape meant that the inner body and outer shell of VeePees was made up of polygons that were facing the wrong way – inwards rather than outwards. I used the clone option to build up the polygons, and so the problem spread. I didn’t realise because it shows up fine in the working window, but when rendered the body is inside out, while the arms and head are fine.

This is a mistake I will never repeat at least.


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