Academic Poster


Academic Poster

VeePees is a humanoid automaton, a self operating robot with a design heavily influenced by the work of Nikola Tesla, and designed as a thinking, talking, sympathetic weapon of mass destruction.

VeePees is able to draw naturally occurring static from the air using copper filaments on his head, with two small lightning rods collecting boost charges during storms. Charge is collected in capacitors in the chest area, with a window for easy diagnosis of problems in the machine. From here current is divided, traveling down to the powerful Tesla Coils on his arms, and rotating magnetic fields which give him the power of flight.

The design of materials and colour in VeePees is purely functional. Main electrical channels  are made of copper, used for its high conductivity, while Discharge Terminals and outer casing use Aluminuim as it controls and directs the current away from inner workings.

The main body design is heavily influenced by child-like traits, with the intention of eliciting sympathy on the part of an assailant, causing a hesitation and allowing VeePees the upper hand in an assault. There are several key features in the design of VeePees that are intended to elicit nurturing instincts;

1.   Eyes

Disproportionately large eyes compared to body size serves to make the robot innocent and trustworthy in appearance. The eyes also serve as the main source of expression, adding a layer of helplessness his appearance. Subtle ranges of emotion are captured using simple, fixed eyes angled down to imitate shyness, and basic semicircle eyelids.

2.  Mouth

The eyes being the main form of expression, VeePees’ other forms of communication are limited, forcing him to use basic miming gestures.While he has no actual mouth, the head stores a small stock of pre-recorded messages resembling children begging or crying to be played at opportune moments, triggering a nurturing instinct.

3.  Hands

The basic impracticality of the cannon hands increases the appearance of neediness and helplessness. Their disproportionately large size makes the robot appear more childlike – small and  fragile.

4. Body Proportions

Simple AI leaves VeePees with a playful and infantile personality, while the body shape is an exaggerated form of toddler proportions, subtly portraying innocence and helplessness. Large eyes combine with a disproportionately large head and small button nose to imitate a child. The head is connected to the body with no clear neck, and the body itself tapers down, drawing attention up to the eyes.


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