What is Graphic Design


page 2-3 final

A difficult question for any designer to attempt to answer is this; “What is Graphic Design”, and the answer is..that there is no answer. The nature of design itself is that it changes with the times, evolving and adapting to fill new purposes as society develops.  Graphic Design can be thought of as one of the true universal languages, a form of expression that transcends language barriers and culture – communication in its purest form. Using symbols as language has been used by humanity for longer than word themselves, crude carvings on stone walls, simplified for clarity, which were used to record information long before the advent of paper.

Design today is a mish-mash of elements from throughout history, with print, and later the computer industry driving designers onwards to new places in their efforts to communicate. Innovations in technology meant that type, photography and texture could be blended seamlessly, and the designer was no longer limited. As technology became more and more ubiquitous, graphic design became increasingly important as a bridge between programmer and consumer,  with designers branching out into so many different areas that they blend into the background of everyday life. Magazines, books, signs, instructions, websites, search engines, mouse pads, dog toys.. all have been designed to fit their purpose perfectly. Over the years we learned how design can influence people on a subliminal level, revolutionizing the marketing industry with new ideas about how perception of a product can influence people without them knowing. A well designed piece will set a tone that can be read without words – just a glance and we know everything that needs to be said. Such is the power of Graphic Design


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