Cell Shading Experimentation


I decided to test a GTA inspired art style to see if it would be appropriate for illustrating my info-graphic. I liked the potential for detail, but in a non-threatening, comic book style.

As I haven’t decided on a final style yet, for my test I just took a photo of a standard elderly couple , from which I could quickly and easily make line art to start me off. I used Photoshop for simplicity, though I may experiment with the cleaner line art in illustrator in the future

I experimented with different line thickness, which further stylizes the image, as well as GTA-style backgrounds, which are clear and simple but set a basic tone for the image. I changed the setting to a tree lined park to reflect places that the elderly typically enjoy.

I also tested different textures, which when overlayed onto the image can create an interesting effect, almost like it was drawn on rough paper, or aged with time..


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