Visualising Smell


Because I want my design for the Editoral Spread to be illustrative, I began looking into possible visual representations of smell.

I really liked the idea of representing the coldness and disconnect the interviewee feels with no sense of smell by drawing an anatomical diagram of the nose on a photo of his face. Anatomy diagrams are stark, simple and without sentimentality, and thy fit with his own questions about which part of his sensory system doesn’t work.I was disappointed that this had already been done but I still think its worth some experimentation.

I also love the idea of using inks as a visual for the scents themselves, as the effect is smokey and mysterious, must like how my interviewee sees it. As well as adding a layer of unpredictability to the design, this method also has the potential to add vivid colour to the design, perhaps in contrast to a highly exposed black and white figure to represent the world he is missing out on.To see whether this idea could work in the way I imagine I took reference photographs of ink dropped in a clear glass of water, to try to capture the ink in motion


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