Notecard Ideas


When I found the jokes written by members of the public about getting older, I thought it would be a nice thing to have on a note card, an inspirational or funny message for someone to take home and look at when they’re feeling low.

While I like the idea of a large poster as my main project, I can’t imagine it being any use in an Elderly persons home. A large poster is impractical for several reasons –

  1. finding the wall space, which is often rare in elderly homes – available space is often covered with family pictures
  2. Putting up a poster could be difficult or dangerous – the recipient could be alone or frail, making it difficult to even put up a large poster with health risks
  3. All of the grandparents I have known rarely mount posers that come in the post – often they end up in piles or thrown out to avoid clutter
  4. Reminding people constantly of their health in their homes could be stressful – better to have a small easily stored booklet they can refer to when needed

It is for these reasons that I decided a large info-graphic poster would be best suited to a waiting room in a doctors office, small note-cards and booklets containing more detailed information about various point in the diagram could be available to take home for personal reference. Inspirational note-cards are cheap enough to be distributed, and they could even be an item for collecting.

One that I found particularly interesting was an appointment card template on Vistaprint. I thought this could be a really nice idea, little cards to take home that have a fun message on the front and spaces on the back for any return appointments or important medical information that needs remembering. They could even be used to take down everyday information, such as people calling or important dates.

appointment card




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