Character Render

Photoshop rendering of my final design for VeePees

Photoshop rendering of my final design for VeePees

After completing the design in my sketchbook, I once again painted the character in Photoshop, which is the easiest way of representing the colour and texture of the materials he is made up of.

The Story of VeePees

My final design for VeePees was heavily influenced by Nikola Teslas inventions, both in the visual style and in the materials that make up VeePees. The world that I envision him is centered on Teslas work, essentially sci-fi universe, similar to ours but with slight differences. In this world, history ran as normal up until around 1884, where it split and differences began to show. Nikola Tesla, who originally emigrated to America to work for Thomas Edison instead stays in France, where he is able open his own company without fear of stolen Patents. The scientific community embraces Tesla’s ideas, and his work forms the foundation for revolution in electrical engineering, even replacing steam as the leading source of power.

Around 2030, with France still at the forefront of technology and engineering, a prototype for a new type of weapon was released, a humanoid robot that takes its power from static in the air using copper filaments, and so never has to return to base. They simply named the robot VeePees. Because super-powered weapons were the norm, the company tried a new angle with the prototype, using large eyes and childlike proportions to elicit a sympathy response, causing hesitation and delaying any attacker long enough for VeePees to engage.

The technology for VeePees was developed from Tesla’s original patents, which after 150 years had reached AI levels. The electricity that powers him is collected from naturally occurring static in the air by copper filaments on his head, with two small lightning rods collecting boost charges during storms. The charge is collected in capacitors in VeePees chest, which includes a ‘window’ for easy diagnosis of problems in the machine. From here current is divided, traveling down to the Tesla Coils on his arms, and down to rotating magnetic fields that give him the power to fly.

While thinking of a reason for VeePees to exist, I thought of a world where Tesla ruled, perhaps Edison didn’t exist, and Tesla’s home country would be where VeePees was built. After finding out about Tesla work in France and googling the nonsense VeePees in case it related to a French word I found a French communications company that is actually called VeePees. I though this was quite funny, it could be them that built him…


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