Tesla Coil Gun


The whole reason I began researching Tesla was because of Tesla Coils. The design of the Tesla Coil is so cool, both the large copper coils required and the very visual result of the static electrical discharge, which is visually stunning. This is the type of almost-sci-fi that works well in character design, especially in superhero or children’s characters, and because of VeePees a;already crazy eyes and standing up hair I think it would fit well with his character.

tesla gun

This image of a home made Tesla gun assembled from a drill casing that I found during my research shaped my design for VeePees arm cannons, I love the idea of the large coils being visible on the outside of the gun, so that the building charge and spark would be more visible.

I found many images from popular games that also have a coil-like design, in particular alien guns that use futuristic technology. The best designs that I found were from the Ratchet and Clank and Fallout game series’



I like the idea of using the elements of a Tesla Coil and making them work for my character while keeping the technology plausible. I never really understood physics, electrical components just float out of my brain, but to properly design a Tesla Cannon/ possible means of flight for VeePees I want to try and understand how each of the components fits together and why they are needed.

From my research so far I understand the main parts needed for building a Tesla Gun, such as the housing, the power supply, the capacitor bank and the coils, I need to look deeper so feel comfortable attempting to assemble my own design for a gun



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