Fallout 3 – One of the Best Gaming Storylines Ever


This is a brilliant video covering the setting for the world of the Fallout game franchise, a future where a ‘2 hour war’ in which all nuclear capable nations on Earth detonated their bombs, leaving a desolate radioactive wasteland behind.

One aspect of the Fallout storyline is that it runs on an alternate timeline to our, identical up until roughly the 1940’s where slight differences appeared, changing the course of history. In this case, the drive to miniaturize technology never occurred, resulting in computers that would fill a room, Technology never becoming available to the masses resulted in the general 60’s decor and way of life.

My storyline with VeePees will follow a similar route, only in this case the timeline split sometime in the 1890’s, resulting in Tesla Coil energy becoming the worlds primary source. The resulting increased technology in this area is what powers VeePees


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