Mood Board


During a group session in class, we analyzed the picture of VeePee(e) and came up many different interpretations of the character – first impressions of the tone of the piece, and more details possibilities for key characteristics or acessories
With VeePee, there are many strange features that have different interpretations and meaning, though the crazy hair led many people draw some connection with mad scientists and experiments



  • Frankenstein – different pieces stuck together
  • Jekyll/Hyde – the result of a twisted experiment
  • A child’s interpretation of visit the doctor – holding a needle
  • Nose – pig/ breathing apparatus
  • Arms – light-bulb filament/ laser/ syringe/ engine/ webshooter
  • 3rd eye – laser/ gem/ doctors scope/ gem
  • Mask over face – possible vision enhancing goggles/ computer system

My first impression of VeePees of a young, excitable, possibly insane and hyperactive being. I see no menace in his eyes, they look either wistful and longing or cheerful and bubbly depending on the way I look at it, which is why I was so drawn to the character. I want the eyes to be the main feature of VeePees, and I hope to make them a link to the heart of the character

With this in mind I created a mood board of my first impressions:


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