Character Design – narrowing it down


After doing some sketchbook work and developing the features and character of VeePees, I began to take note of some key features that I liked about my designs, to try and find a way of merging them into a complete character with an interesting story

  1. Crazy Hair

Hair sticking out straight from his head – I love this feature of the original drawing. This could be a result of backdraft from a sudden stop while flying, or simply the way his hair stands naturally

2.   Eyes Main Focus of Character

Disproportionately large compared to body, serves to make the character cute and serves as the main source of expression. The large eyes compared to the size of the body also increases the cuteness of the character, making him easily sympathetic.

I have a few interpretations of the eyes;

  • Excitable, childlike character – eyes filled with manic energy, possibly represented by the crazy squiggly pupils, could be a physical representation of energy surging through him
  • Innocent, nervous – large Burton-esqe eyes, filled with insecurity and nerves, a put-upon but innocently optimistic character
  • Robot eyes – a range of emotion captured with simple, round robotic eyes. Emotion captures through upper and lower eyelid movement, eyes stay the same shape

3.  No Mouth

I wanted the focus of the character to be his eyes, and decided to limit his other forms of communication so that the eyes become his main form of expression. This could be the result of a mutation or genetic experiment , and allows me to use mime actions in his animation

4.  Robotic Hands

As with the mouth, I wanted to limit VeePees use of his hands as a form of expression, and as in the original drawing VeePees appeared to be flying, I decided to make them Mega-Man style cannons, possible used an engine for flight.  Being robotic, I could also include some different advanced gadgets to help with day to day tasks, such as retractable basic hands, pincers, stabilizing wings or different weapons like cannons or lasers

I also like the idea of the hangs being like, like Gatomon from Digimon. This combined with the eyes makes the body of the character appear even smaller and more fragile, similar to the proportions of the baby

With these points in mind I collected images for a second mood board, featuring images from different films, games and TV shows that are similar to what I have in mind for VeePees. This will help me narrow down the style of the character, and helping to make him his own ‘person’


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